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M., Clinton, NJ Recommends William Wolfson

Thanking my professionals at the end of 2022, I can't say enough good things about Bill Wolfson. He was my attorney for 10 years while I was a commercial landlord in NJ. He has extensive knowledge of commercial leasing law, drafting commercial leases, and has decades of experience to apply to his clients' needs. Bill's last representation of my LLC was the sale of a major commercial property (strip mall) in the Clinton area. He scrutinizes every contract and document with a fine-tooth-comb, and in fact, this scrutiny ended up being of utmost importance to me to ensure I didn't have any liability after closing. No detail is too small for Bill. He ensures that his clients 100% understand the documents involved in a transaction, and that the client reads them. Oftentimes from these reviews, additional important details have arisen. He is detail-oriented, thorough, and has a calm manner that keeps you grounded in stressful situations. Bill is flexible and a great communicator. Last but not least, his paralegal, Liza, is excellent. It has been a pleasure to have Bill's firm and expertise represent me over the years, and to deal with his friendly and competent staff.   

– M., Clinton, NJ


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