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Landlord Tenant Law

How we help

Our law firm represents residential and commercial landlords and tenants. Having worked with both landlords and tenants, we have unique experience that gives us the ability to understand the issues from both sides. 

Mr. Wolfson also currently serves as a Landlord/Tenant Mediation Settlor for Hunterdon, Warren and Somerset County. He has a fresh, helpful perspective in getting eviction cases resolved to the satisfaction of all parties. 

In the area of residential leases, we recommend the most simple, best and least expensive approach. We have brought eviction actions for residential landlords to cause tenants to be removed for many reasons, including non-payment of rent, sale of the property, damage to the premises, being disorderly, and many other issues.       

Our law firm prepares leases, advises landlords and appears in Court for them.

How Residential Tenants are Protected 

Residential tenants have many protections under New Jersey's Anti Eviction laws. Landlords who do not follow the law, can be charged with the tenant's legal fees and costs and may be denied the right to evict an undesirable tenant.

Security  Deposits and the Special Care Landlords must give 

Landlords must place the security deposit in the bank account and tell the tenant where the bank is. There are rules restricting the landlord's use and handling of the security deposit. A landlord who does not follow these rules must pay the tenant twice the amount of the deposit plus the tenant's legal fees under some circumstances.

What Landlords Must Provide Tenants In Addition to Leases  

Our law firm prepares leases, files and serves the required Landlord's Residential Registration Statement with the local municipality and on the tenant. New Jersey law says property owners cannot evict a tenant without the registration statement being filed.

Meeting the Challenges in Evictions

Our firm handles many different eviction cases. Most cases involve non-payment of rent. Other cases involve tenants being disorderly, damaging your property, breaching your rights under the lease or other reasons to evict. You must give the proper notices to the tenants in the proper order or you will not get the Court's help evicting your tenant.

Don't Even Try to Evict without going to get the Court's Help

Landlords cannot evict tenant(s) without Court's approval. Self-help acts (such as changing locks without a Court order) are prohibited in New Jersey. Landlords can be hit with money damages to be paid toa tenant  or worse for a wrongful eviction.

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