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Commercial Real Estate

Buying Property for your Business

The Commercial real estate world has changed since the growth of remote work, the working from home move forced by the pandemic and many other factors. The landscape has changed but can still be profitable as an investment and as a place to locate your business.


We review contracts and negotiate changes to make the deal more favorable to you.

We help satisfy the requirements of mortgage lenders, title companies and close the loans to help you buy the property you want. Prior to any purchase, we help perform the due diligence so you are legally able to use the property as you intend. We carefully examine the local laws and the title to see if there are any restrictions in your intended use of the property.

When tenants are acquired with the property we look to create a smooth, mutually beneficial transition. Your mortgage lender may want you to have agreements in place with existing or new tenants.

Leasing Property for your Business

We draft, study and negotiate for lease terms that are fair, reasonable and protect our clients' business interests.          

Seller Disclosure Requirements in New Jersey

Seller disclosure requirements vary from state to state.

New Jersey does not require the same (if any) disclosures for commercial properties as it does for residential properties.

As a commercial property purchaser, it is imperative that you are aware of your requirements and that you receive accurate information from the seller. You should have professionals carefully inspect the premises. This is critical if you live in a state like New Jersey. Environmental, structural and mechanical inspections are essential for your protection.

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Buying commercial property is not simple, but it can be profitable – much more profitable than residential properties. Your money is secured to something physical helping to protect it and pay for the property.

At our firm the attorney will guide you through any commercial property purchase, making sure the transaction goes smoothly. Call us at (908) 782-9333 to schedule a Zoom, phone or in person consultation and to learn more about commercial real estate transactions.


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