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How to Prepare for a Successful Attorney Consultation

How to Prepare for a Successful Attorney Consultation

          Congratulations for taking the first step in dealing with your financial or legal difficulties!  Recognizing that an issue is bigger than yourself and may require the assistance of an experienced professional is a great start.

           You have already gotten further along than many others who may prefer to ignore a situation in the hopes that it will simply disappear or otherwise resolve itself eventually.  To that end, there are some important steps to follow that can help you make your first consultation with an attorney as productive and informative as possible.

            When your consultation is scheduled, you will receive an email confirming the date and time of your appointment.  In addition to in person consultations, our office offers both Zoom and telephonic meetings.  Also included will be a list of important documents and/or information that you will need to bring to your appointment.  This list will vary and depend on the type of matter to be discussed.  You may even be asked to provide them to the attorney prior to the meeting in order for them to be reviewed ahead of time.  It is important that this information is organized in a manner that is easy to follow (such as in chronological order or by category).  You may also be asked to fill out a questionnaire ahead of your meeting.  Most portions of the questionnaire are not going to apply to everyone and it does not need to be fully complete in order to have the scheduled meeting.  These types of forms are used as a tool for the attorney to get to know your case and make useful recommendations.  Do not let missing information prevent you from keeping your appointment.

Your initial consultation is free of charge and is typically 1 hour.  Because time is of the essence, it is important to effectively communicate your circumstances during the meeting in a concise manner.

 We suggest that you come prepared with a list of questions or concerns that you have regarding your matter.  It is a good idea to bring a pad of paper and writing implement to take notes with during the meeting.  It is important that you be on time for your consultation and communicate with the office if you are going to be late or are having trouble locating the office.  It is especially important that you contact our office to reschedule your meeting ahead of time if a conflict should arise.  Everyone's time is valuable and nobody appreciates being “ghosted”.

  A lot can be accomplished in an hour when organized minds meet and are ready to tackle a problem head-on.  Even if you aren't sure that you are ready, having a conversation to gain clarity and a better understanding of the problem is a good place to start.  We hope these tips help get you to that place feeling confident and ready to investigate your problem and take the first steps towards resolution.  We look forward to helping you in that journey.


Initial meetings with an attorney should be more than a “meet and greet” session. Often, real progress toward a possible solution can be made. Your first consultation with Bill Wolfson is offered free of charge. We invite you to schedule it today so that you can get immediate answers to your most pressing questions.