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How to Communicate Effectively with the Attorney’s Staff

How to Communicate Effectively with the Attorney's Staff

We truly appreciate when new clients hire our office to represent them and to assist in the resolution of their financial or legal difficulties. Likewise, we also appreciate when previous clients return for guidance with new issues.  

Whether a client is new or a returning one, we try our best to make the process they are going through as smooth as possible. We do this by communicating as clearly and effectively as possible with our clients and each other.  This actually starts with the initial point of contact to when the consultation is scheduled and continues until our client's legal matter has been resolved and we know they are happy with our work and the end result.  Effective communication is also essential in our dealings with the courts, bankruptcy trustees and their staff, and other related third parties.

We have a staff of 2 people: Mr. Wolfson and his paralegal.  Our staff meets twice daily most every week day to go over and prioritize the matters each one of us is actively working on that day, what additional tasks need to be added to our day, upcoming court dates and the status of these matters 
at the end of the day.  These twice daily meetings help to ensure that we have our pulse on all current client matters and are clearly focused on the tasks at hand for each matter.  The timing of important dates in client matters and the attorney's workflow is what drives our individual daily work.  When emergent matters arise, as they sometimes do, our attention to our progress allows us to re-prioritize our work.

Mr. Wolfson delegates the work according to the staff member whose skillset is best aligned with what needs to be accomplished. As a client, you may be communicating with one or two of us more than another.  There may be times when contact with all of us may be required, based on who is contacting you and the nature of their contact and work being performed.  You may be contacted by telephone, mail, and email.  Mr. Wolfson is always copied on the outgoing emails and we request that he be copied on all replies.  This helps him closely supervise the staff and see progress being made in real time. This best practice also allows him to interject when he sees the need to do so.

Telephone calls are noted in our client database, as are records of letters and email correspondence. The paralegal is heavily involved in the information-gathering process.  This includes requesting statements, letters, documents and other information pertinent to your legal matter. If you are being asked to provide something to our office by the paralegal, it is because Mr. Wolfson has made the request.  If a request is made during a telephone conversation, often a confirming email is sent afterwards as a reminder.  The paralegal assigns deadlines to requests made and tasks to be completed, often at Mr. Wolfson's direction.  If there is a deadline associated with a request being made of a client, this will be noted to avoid delay.

Likewise, there will be times when you are contacted and nothing will be needed from you. We may be calling, emailing or mailing you simply to update you about your case. We closely monitor our communications. We expect our clients to do the same.

We do our best to reply to calls and emails quickly so that our clients know that we take their concerns seriously and are working diligently for them. We ask the same of our clients so that we can continue the important work on their case. It is in a client's best interest to do so as most legal work is time sensitive and organized information is essential to efficient and accurate work.

Regardless of the type of work we are involved in for our clients, there will be a lot of information exchanged and put into legal filings or important documents related to major life events.

Clear communication is the key to effective understanding of the client's situation, needs, and what they desire as an end result of our work for them. It is also essential to make sure we work as efficiently as possible and keep costs down.

It comes down to the old adage, “Help us to help you.” We look forward to helping you and hope you feel the same.


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